No-Code Cloud Management Platform

No-code comes to Cloud Management. A Platform that does not require Cloud Specialists to Provision, Manage, Secure, Automate & Optimize your Cloud Infrastructure.


Migrate to AWS with reliability, agility, and speed with No-Code Cloud Management Platform.



No budget, time or bandwidth for consultants or build Cloud Specialist team?

Based on over 7-Million Compute hours of Cloud Management Experience, we have created a No-Code Cloud Management platform which is simple to use and does not require any Cloud expertise.


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Innovate Faster

Meaningful innovation thrives on Cloud. So, whether you are looking to create new services continuously, extract value from data efficiently, or modernize IT rapidly, you can do it on Cloud. With Cirrusform, it is sure to give your company a boost to innovate faster by saving over 6-9 months of lead time.


Fast Growth

Modern businesses are adopting new working models and shifting to flexible IT platforms. This enables them to respond faster to customer needs and proactively improve products and services while reducing costs and freeing up resources for critical projects. With Cirrusform, you give your company a boost of Business Growth by launching scalable infrastructure in minutes.


Launch Anywhere

Quickly roll out new applications and product features, enabling your teams to experiment and innovate more frequently. You can also build your global footprint in multiple locations around the world in just a few clicks. With Cirrusform, you give your company a boost of New Markets by getting flexibility of launching in over 25 Regions instantly.


Increased Efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks and move away from the day-to-day operational headaches associated with managing IT infrastructure. Focus on efforts that move the needle for your Staff and make them productive & efficient. With Cirrusform, you give your company a boost of increased efficiency by over 30%.

Satisfied Customers

Cloud enables you to easily aggregate, process and store data from various sources; and provides a variety of analytics to help you deliver real-time, actionable insights, fast decision making and happy customers. With Cirrusform, you increase customer satisfaction scores to 100%.


Uujhaas Shah

I was looking for a Cloud platform that would provide Flexibility, Scale and Security. I don't know much about Cloud and neither was my IT team exposed to run applications on Cloud. With Cirrusform, I did not need to know the mechanics of Cloud. I just had to decide on what kind of environment ( Dev OR Production) was needed and Cirrusform did the rest for me. It’s simple and easy to use interface allowed me to launch my application and maintain it on the cloud all by myself. I am confident of using my cloud infrastructure with Cirrusform with its automatic Backups feature and hence the restore options. I definitely recommend Cirrusform for companies that do not wish investing in expensive Management Services for Cloud.

Kshitij Singhvi

We are one of the Top Partners to the largest ERP solutions in India and provide customized & personalized services. We have a number of customers that need access to the ERP solution on cloud; The shortest and most efficient way that we found was with Cirrusform. My team was able to help migrate the customers to Cloud with ease and agility, while allowing the customers full control of Cloud Costs and effortlessly manage and maintain their cloud infrastructure which was possible with the inbuilt automation that Cirrusform provides. No training needed. We are looking forward to providing Cirrusform as a bundled solution to our esteemed customers and continue building long term relationships.


Cirrusform helps Migrate to AWS quickly to create new Cloud Environment that are scalable and have low total cost of ownership. With this No-Code Cloud Management Platform, experience a full operational control to reduce costs by 50%. Cirrusform is AWS CMT Competency status product that is also available in AWS Marketplace to buy and deploy in minutes.

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