Simplify building Websites and Applications

Simplify building websites and applications with AWS and Cirrusform

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) today are adopting new working models that enable them to respond faster to customer needs online while reducing costs and freeing up resources. The cloud gives organizations of any size access to the tools, applications, and infrastructure to quickly improve customer online experiences. SMBs are no longer limited to the capacity of their own servers but can leverage an entire global network.

To meet customer expectations for uptime and performance, AWS helps you efficiently scale to support changing traffic, reducing time spent on configuration and maintenance. You gain access to the performance and reliability of a global network that offers high availability and the flexibility to use exactly the compute, storage, and networking resources your business needs

AWS cloud: An opportunity equalizer.

Taking advantage of the cloud removes the limitations often faced by SMBs so they can invest in an online presence that delivers:

  • Satisfied customers. Better performance combined with the ability to regularly enhance user experiences with the latest technologies and features that can translate to higher revenue.
  • Increased productivity. Digital workflows simplify managing your site by connecting you with the information you need to make decisions quickly. Automated tasks such as monitoring, security and back up free resources to focus on initiatives more mission critical to your company’s growth.
  • Relaibility: High-availability through cloud infrastructure pairs scale with ready access to exactly the resources needed, providing a level of reliability not achievable with in house solutions.

Meet your needs within your budget

With the AWS pay-as-you-go model, you save by matching your resource requirements exactly to your consumption, cutting back on idle resources to build an efficient and cost-effective online presence.

Cloud Management Platform for SMBs.

Cloud Management Platform enable SMBs in quickly hosting robust, secure websites and apps that enhance client experiences. Cloud Management Platform enables SMBs to leverage Amazon Web Services that has one of the most dependable worldwide networks in the market, maximising uptime, performance, and reliability. With innovation at your fingertips, you can quickly build compelling cloud apps and automate procedures for valued customers.

What is role of a Cloud Management Platform in hosting?

A Cloud Management Platform is a tool for managing cloud services from one place. You can create new environments with just a click, maintain security posture with automated scans, monitor the utilization and performance of your company’s cloud resources all from one dashboard. It lets customers manage their Cloud Services in a single interface and provides the function of automation for both developers and cloud admins.

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