Scale new WA services revenue streams with reliablity, consistency and speed with a No-Code Cloud Management Platform and underlying automation.

Fast-track your WA Revenue streams !

Cirrusform is a No-Code Cloud Management Platform that enables WA Partner Teams of any size to create & scale new WA revenue streams by optimizing & automating HRI discovery & most common remediations:
  • 1. WA Revenue Stream: Enables WA Partners to create increase WA Opportunities by 40% by efficiently leveraging both SA and Customer time
  • 2. Speed: Save at least 40% time needed to discover HRI manually, you get started litrerally right out of the box
  • 3. Agility: 4x faster as it enables you to skip manual work and gets discover initiated before face to face reviews begin
  • 4. Flexibility: Creates, Automates, & Optimizes both Discovery and most common Remediation tasks
  • 5. Operational Efficiency: Makes your organisation attrition proof so your WA Services can continue without people dependency


Cirrusform automates discovery and even provides recommendations of common remediations. Automation also leads to consistency and thereby freeing up SA time. WA Reviews, both discovery and remediation, requires less time hence enabling you to do more WA reviews and more revenue streams


Why Cirrusform

1. Automated Discovery of Vulnerabilities leading to quick & consistent identification of HRIs

2. Recommendation and in some cases remediation that leads to lower time to complete remediate HRIs

3. No effect of attrition on your WA projects or business offerings thus enabling you to focus on expanding WA business or GTM motion

4. Save valuable time & money by enabling existing teams in days not months, creating a pool of resources that can conduct WA Discovery or Remediation


1. Cloud Management Platform that enables WA Partners to create sustainable WA Cloud Revenue Streams on AWS at scale and with over 40% more efficiency

2. Out of the box Full Lifecycle Cloud Management features that enables automated discovery and most common HRI remediations leading to time and cost savings

3. Cirrusform has achieved AWS CMT Competency Status & WA Tool Status which means you can adopt with confidence

WA onboarded Partners who want to create efficient and consistent WA Offerings leading to new or bigger WA revenue streams. Cirrusform features enables WA Partner teams to leverage automation to reduce WA cycle time by over 40%


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